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Touchpoint Workshop

  • Hardge Forum, 1st floor of Multicultural Center 45 Upper College Road Kingston, RI, 02881 United States (map)

Round about: Stress

Join Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen as they lead this 2-day workshop called, "Round About:  Stress".

One fifth of the western population has daily stress related symptoms and every day the media have new stories and facts about stress. But what is actually going on in the stressed body? – and how do we make sure stressed out clients get the most out of reflexology treatments?

Workshop topics include:

  • Stress signs and symptoms.
  • How does the body react to stress?
  • What happens in muscles, joints, nerves and to the immune and hormonal systems?
  • Psychological mechanisms in stress
  • Which imbalances are found in the stressed individual?
  • Stress as friend and enemy
  • How does the autonomic nervous system react? – and how can we influence it with reflexology?
  • Detailed reflexes for the diaphragm and it's nerve supply.
  • Relaxation techniques – mental, and with reflexology.
  • Balancing energy centres in the body via chakra reflexes on the feet
  • Stress reduction through an excercise for the heart
  • How do we inform clients about stress and its effect on their bodies?

The outcome of our treatments depends on the body’s ability to reflectorically react to reflexology’s impulses. Without functioning communication channels in the body, mechanical, neurological, hormonal and energetic, it is difficult to get through with even the best therapy. And these are the very systems affected when we are stressed.

Because of the stressing life situation many people experience today, maybe we have come to the point, where some may not get the most from “classical reflexology”. The intense and at times painful treatment may overload an already well loaded system?

In the workshop we will work with techniques to “be invited inside” by the receiving body.
We apply methods from Danish reflexology, nerve reflexology, relaxation techniques on the feet, chakra reflexes, and more.

Continuing Training credits are available.

The workshop is conducted with a mixture of lecturing, demonstrations and lots of practical hands-on work.

RARI members $350 by April 22nd, then $375.
Non-RARI members $400

Both days will begin at 9 am and end at 5 pm.

Please make checks payable to RARI and send checks to :
Lori Sklarski,  130 Sweet Farm Road Portsmouth, RI 02871

Continuing Training Credits are available.

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