Who are members of RARI?

RARI members are a diverse group of trained Reflexologists in RI, CT, MA, and NH.  We meet quarterly to discuss upcoming events, trainings, and Reflexology-related legislature. We also get together at the quarterly meetings and other events throughout the year to help form a supportive professional community because RARI has both a professional and social function.

Why join RARI?

With a RARI membership you can:

  • Build long lasting and supportive social and professional relationships with other RARI members.
  • Stayed informed on upcoming Reflexology trainings.
  • Learn about legislature that may affect the future of Reflexology and your practice of it.
  • Have your contact information available on the RARI website so people looking for trained Reflexologists can find YOU.

How can I become a member?

Download a RARI application and follow the instructions on the application.  We look forward to hearing from you!